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National Groundwater Awareness Week

By March 13, 2014News

It is estimated that 99% of ALL available fresh water is groundwater. Ground water is the water that fills cracks and other openings in beds of rock, gravel, and sand below the ground’s surface. Since about 44% of Americans rely on ground water, it’s obviously a vital resource, one that deserves our attention. This year, The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is running Groundwater Awareness Week from March 9th through March 15th.

In the spirit of Groundwater Awareness Week, Marion Public Health in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Health and NGWA, would like to pass along the following message for those residents that utilize wells to supply water…Know Your Well Water: Test, Understand and Protect.

To make sure your water is safe, have your water tested at a certified lab. Since lab results can sometimes be difficult to interpret, you can then use the new website created by OSU Extension to help understand the results. You will also find valuable information on well maintenance, what to do if your well water is contaminated and who to contact for assistance. The website is then go to the tab Know Your Well Water for the interpretive tool.