The District Advisory Council, or DAC, appoints three of the seven members of the Board of Health. The Chairperson of each group of Township Trustees and the Mayor of each Village as well as the President of the Board of County Commissioners and the Mayor of the City of Marion are the designated voting members of the District Advisory Council.

State statute requires the DAC to meet at least once annually for the purpose of appointing its officers (Chairperson and Secretary) and a member to the Board of Health.

The DAC may make recommendations to the Board of Health but does not have direct authority regarding the operations of the Health District. The DAC does possess the administrative authority to enter into a contract with another administrative authority in order to consolidate two or more districts. For example, the current contract that institutionalizes Marion’s merged health district is between the City of Marion and the DAC. The Board of Health is not a signatory of that contract.