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Exciting news!  Marion Public Health has a new look, including a new logo and color scheme.  8 years after the city and county health departments merged into Marion Public Health, we are updating our style. Our old logo and style served as a symbol of transition as the merged health departments formed into a new organization.  We are happy to say that we are past that transition and ready to create an identity that reflects the growth we’ve seen at Marion Public Health over the last several years.  You’ll see our new look on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, as well as anywhere Marion Public Health serves the community.

We believe our new look better matches what we have become at Marion Public Health: a leader in the public health system and an agent of change toward a healthier Marion.  We are proud to have adopted a new mission statement that focuses us on creating a culture of health in Marion by providing opportunities for all people to reach their greatest health potential at every stage of life.   Creating a culture of health means that we work together to make sure good health is at the center of our lives and our community.  It means that we all have access to health and healthy choices.  It means taking down the barriers to achieving good health and setting us all up for long, high quality lives.

For us, the symbol that best captures a culture of health is a tree.  It represents growth, life, and sustainability.  It conjures up images of exercise and a healthy environment.  But most of all, for us in public health, the tree has roots that must be healthy for the tree to be healthy.  Those roots are really the symbol of public health—we work at those roots every day.  We try to identify root causes of issues in Marion so that we can help create solutions.  We work under the surface—when things are going well, you don’t even realize we are there.  We are part of a system of roots—a public health system that is responsible for the health and wellbeing of Marion.
So our new logo, style, and design center on the tree and the roots.

The new Marion Public Health logo features a tree and the agency name.  In terms of symbolism of the logo, Marion is on top of the brown ground, sitting underneath a healthy tree.  This symbolizes a healthy Marion Community, both in its people and in its environment.  Public health is below the ground, representing the roots—a public health system that provides a strong foundation for the community and ensures that Marion and the tree grow healthy above.   A healthy root system (the public health system) ensures a healthy community (tree) will grow.  Our colors are green, blue, and brown—representing elements of the earth—grass/leaves, ground, and sky.

Marion Public Health

We are so pleased to kick off this new chapter at Marion Public Health and hope that you will follow our progress, join us in community conversations, and help us make Marion a healthier place to live, work, and play.