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Change in Service

By June 22, 2016News

Beginning next week (6/27), we will be providing immunizations one day per week on Wednesdays from 8am to 3pm. They will be on a walk-in first come, first served basis. We are doing this for several reasons.

First, your doctor should be providing immunizations as part of your care. Immunizations, like any clinical treatment, should be provided in a medical home by a medical care provider who knows you and your medical history. More people have access to insurance which means more people should have a regular health care provider.

Second, the Center Street Health Center is just 2 blocks away and serves as a medical home to many in our community. Also, while we believe people should use their medical home, pharmacies also provide immunizations. The need just doesn’t exist for tax dollars to subsidize what is largely a redundant service when they can be more wisely invested in more impactful public health practices.

We’re not entirely closing up the immunization program. We’re just scaling it back to better align our resources with the actual community need.