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2017 Environmental Health Fees

By November 28, 2016News

A Regulation of the Marion Public Health Setting Environmental Health Fees for 2017

WHEREAS, the Marion Public Health Board of Health (“Board of Health”), acting under the authority vested in it by Section 3709.21 of the Ohio Revised Code, may adopt regulations necessary for the public health and safety and for the prevention and restriction of disease; and,

WHEREAS, license fees are adopted in the form of rules per Section 3709.09 of the Ohio Revised Code; and,

WHEREAS, Retail Food Establishment License Fees are adopted in the form of rules per Section 3717.25 of the Ohio Revised Code; and,

WHEREAS, Food Service Operation License Fees are adopted in the form of rules per Section 3717.45 of the Ohio Revised Code; and,

WHEREAS, the Ohio Department of Health has established rules governing the categories and methodology for establishing fees; and,

WHEREAS, the adopted fees are necessary to cover the costs of administering the Board of Health’s environmental health programs.

Now, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board of Health, that after giving due thought and proper consideration, the following changes to the fee schedule for Marion Public Health environmental health programs are adopted:

S= State fee

Public Swimming Pools/Spas                     CURRENT FEES       PROPOSED 2017 FEES

Swimming Pool

Single Swimming Pool                                             $650.00 +S                     $560.00 +S

Special Use Pool                                                        $650.00 +S                     $560.00 +S

Additional Pool @ Same Location                         $325.00 +S                     $280.00 +S

Gov Pool                                                                      $457.50 +S                      $392.00 +S


Single Spa                                                                    $650.00 +S                      $560.00 +S

Special Use Spa                                                          $650.00 +S                      $560.00 +S

Additional Spa @Same Location                            $325.00 +S                      $280.00 +S

Gov Spa                                                                        $457.50 +S                       $392.00 +S

Gov Special Use Spa                                                  $457.50 +S                       $392.00 +S

Additional Gov Spa @ Same Location                   $228.75 +S                       $196.00 +S

Recreational Camps                                          CURRENT FEES         PROPOSED 2017 FEES  

Temporary Camp (Per Event)                       $300.00 +S                      $242.00 +S

Tattoo/Body Piercing                                       CURRENT FEES        PROPOSED 2017 FEES  

Tattoo                                                                     $480.00 +S                     $272.00 +S

Body Piecing                                                        $480.00 +S                     $272.00 +S

Combined Body Art (Tattoo & Piercing)   $480.00 +S                     $272.00 +S

Time Limited Temporary (Per Event)       $240.00 +S                      $136.00 +S

Food Service Operations (Local Fees)      CURRENT FEES        PROPOSED 2017 FEES  

Vending                                                                 $15.51+S                           $9.83+S

A Regulation Governing Setting Fee Schedule for Environmental Health Programs as adopted by the Board of Health on November 19, 2015 is hereby amended.

Effect of Partial Invalidity

Should any part of this Regulation be declared invalid or unconstitutional for any reason, the remainder of this Regulation shall not be affected thereby.

Effective Date

The effective date of this Regulation shall be January 1, 2017.

Note: This schedule ONLY contains the area of the fee schedule that is proposed to be altered by the Board of Health.

All other fees within the Environmental Health fee schedule remain the same as specified in the Board of Health Resolution 2015-12, 2016 Fee Schedule for Environmental Health Services.

A complete text of The Marion Public Health Regulation 2017 Environmental Health Fees may be received and/or viewed viewing at The Marion Public Health District Regulation Offices located at 181 S. Main Street, Marion, Ohio 43302. A complete text is also available on The Marion Public Health website at Consistent with Ohio Revised Code Section 3709.09, this Notice is being published in one newspaper of general circulation within the Marion Public once a week for two consecutive weeks.