As of 2017, Marion has a total of 36 swimming pools/spas. This includes both outdoor swimming pools as well as indoor locations (hotels, therapy pools, YMCA, etc.).

Waterborne illnesses can be found in any controlled body of water and are caused by pathogenic microorganisms. This can include diseases such as: Shigellosis, Giardia, Crytosporidiosis, and Cholera. These diseases are caused by human or even animal feces. They can be spread if the proper amount of chlorine is not regulated in a swimming pool and/or spa. It is our job to keep the Swimming pools of Marion County safe for all users to enjoy.

Sanitarians in the department perform a wide variety of  public health functions which include inspection, regulation, and enforcement of food facilities, public swimming pools/spas, campground/RV parks, manufactured home parks, beaches, and tattoo/body piercing establishments.

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